A look back: A photo session with an ex-prime minister

From Livsglede 4/2010: «Heisan, an ex-prime minister… Kjell Magne Bondevik volunteered. From left: Han Emil Møller-Hansen (Momentum), Bondevik, Geir Bornkessel (Momentum) and Rune Kløvtveit and Rolf E. Strand (both LFA). » Photo: Hans Hekneby Reinertsen.

It does not happen every day that the average woman and man see the opportunity to poke their noses into the Storting and there, on their way in the door, even get a mini chat and a photo session with an ex-prime minister.

But, OK, that can happen, and it probably gave everyday life a little extra spice for two Momentum representatives and two from the National Association for Amputees (LFA) who one autumn day back in 2010 experienced just this.

The four – Momentum’s Hans Emil Møller-Hansen and Geir Bornkessel as well as LFA’s Rune Kløvtveit and Rolf E. Strand – were on their way to a meeting with a parliamentary representative, to express dissatisfaction with possible changes in the assistive technology scheme, when ex-Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik came rushing out through the big door.

The Momentum magazine Livsglede’s correspondent was present, they too. Here is a clip from the mention of the unexpected meeting in Livsglede 4/2010:

“Livsglede photographer Hasse immediately saw an opportunity for a photo and asked, without hesitation, whether Bondevik would pose for a quick photo shoot with the Momentum and LFA people, which Bondevik – no hesitation there either – kindly did.”

The review also said:

“Whether Bondevik on the move fully understood who these Momentum and LFA people were and what they were up to here, remains to be seen.”

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