A new Joy of Life along the way

Marte Gjerde Nilsen and her son Tobias., Photo: Hans H. Reinertsen

Summer has become autumn, so a new edition of Livsglede is on its way to the mailboxes.

Read there about what inspired Marte Gjerde Nilsen to, in good adulthood, embark on orthopedic engineering studies at OsloMet.

It is this Marte who is pictured on the front page of the new magazine – well, Marte with Tobias, one of mum Marte and dad Alexander’s three sons. The whole family is pictured inside the magazine.

Livsglede has met several people in the orthopedic community in the preparations for the new magazine: We have been on a boat trip with new ones (that was where we first met Marte) and advanced orthopedic engineering students.

The boat trip was a get-to-know-each-other event under the auspices of the National Association of Orthopedic Enterprises (OVL), and also some experienced orthopedic engineers participated.

Even more from the orthopedic community: We have brought home a report from Kristiansand, which now has two orthopedic workshops to offer, compared to the previous one.

Joy of life photographer Hasse usually appears as a photographer; he also does this in the report from Kristiansand – but there he also appears as a writing reporter. A pure Hasse report, that is.

Of the other contents of the upcoming Livsglede:

We went down to Halmstad on the Swedish west coast and met some of the first members of AmpisLIV, the new Swedish association for amputees and relatives.

AmpisLIV leader Christoffer Lindhe has been in close contact with Norwegian Momentum since long before the Swedish association was established, and he has been thrilled by Momentum. Hear what he says in our report about Momentum’s significance for AmpisLIV:

“I would say that Momentum is the main inspiration for our entire concept.”

See more of Livsglede here .