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Golf is for everyone! Green, fast and powerful activity waiting for everyone regardless of level, and we play on different courses / holes.

Need someone to talk to?

Momentum has peers spread all over the country who want to share experiences, tips and advice on everything from prosthesis use and activity aids, hygiene and self-care, to your rights as an amputee.

– Good to exchange experiences and test new solutions

Momentum’s 25th anniversary is well underway and members, guests, workshops and suppliers enjoy a varied party program.

In the garden at Scandic Park Hotel, nine arm-amputated party participants have gathered to play bocce in the warming afternoon sun.

A social and educational anniversary weekend

On the 25th anniversary, the 170 guests enjoyed lots of inspiring and good conversations, with new and familiar faces. The weekend also consisted of lots of guidance and advice from suppliers and workshops, which showed a selection of sleeves and prostheses.

Ekstra aktivitetsfylt nummer av Livsglede

I den nyeste utgaven av Livsglede kan du blant annet lese reportasjer fra Momentum sin jubileumsweekend og den inspirerende og trivelige turen fra Tour de Dovre. Reportasjer med Sander Hegni og Gitte Flindt Hilding, vil forhåpentligvis gi deg litt ekstra motivasjon til mer aktivitet i hverdagen i den nærmeste tiden. 

Vi håper du nyter høstdagene med neste utgave av Livsglede.

Uforglemmelige øyeblikk fra Tour de Dovre

Momentum er stolte av de energiske og positive deltakere som syklet i all slags vær gjennom Rondane, Dovrefjell, Dovre og Lesja, på totalt 143 km.

Tips for hygiene and care that promotes activity joy

As amputated and prosthesis users, hygiene, washing and care during the day and in the evening are very important to be able to perform the activities you want in everyday life.
In the video you get good tips and advice on hygiene, care and washing, which are worth taking with you.

Roar Olafsen / peer review

– I am passionate about peer work

– The peer work is extra rewarding when people open up and ask me questions, says peer coordinator in the Inland, Roar Olafsen from Roa on Hadeland.

– Internal motivation means that you succeed with the training

Physiotherapist Gitte has trained amputees and prosthesis users for over twenty years. In the report, you will hopefully be inspired to move more, and to train so that you can perform the activities that increase the joy of life in everyday life.

Livsglede 1- 2021- Reportasje

Peer support coordinator Mark Miller spreads important messages

– Conversations with a peer strengthen the faith and hope that you can also have an active and good life. Av Marte Nordahl Peer coordinator Mark Miller remembers well the older lady who called and told that she had amputated both legs under the leg due to a course of illness. She wanted to talk … Read more

Joy of life 1 2021 - Equal article

Inspiring and encouraging peer work

– Peer work is about inspiring and encouraging people to master life in the best possible way. As a graduate student in Scotland in 1986, Nils-Odd and his student friends were to celebrate that their first exam was over. As he got out of the taxi on his way to meet the others, he was … Read more

Cross-country weekend - Venabu 2021

Winter idyll with high activity joy on Venabu

Cool winter weather with north winds did not prevent the hikers from frolicking in outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, dog sledding and sleigh rides. Text and photo by Marte Nordahl Ski enthusiast Åge Andresen from Oppegård whizzes along the cross-country track on a shared ski. He has already covered two trips totaling 30 miles, … Read more

Report with Villy Andresen

– An osseointegration will simplify all the practical farm work

– I look forward to treatment with osseointegration. It will make everyday life easier with a tractor and truck. The high thigh amputation means that the sleeve I use today is not as useful, says Villy Andresen. By Marte Nordahl. Photo: Private. Villy Andresen from Tyristrand remembers well the fateful fall in the soapy courtyard … Read more

Ann Selda- Reportage

– I am grateful to be part of the sports community

The running prosthesis that Ann Selda Deliler (21) received a request for in upper secondary school, has resulted in several podium places and buckets of sports enjoyment together with other athletes in parade sports. Av Marte Nordahl For parade athlete Ann Selda Deliler from Porsgrunn, the painful gym experiences at the junior high school are … Read more

– Exchange of experience with other amputees has helped me a lot

After the amputation of his right arm, Geir-Håkon had to learn to write and take the note again. Thanks to the diligent use of several arm prostheses and aids, he lives an active and fulfilling life. Av Marte Nordahl In November 2015, it was only a month before 69-year-old Geir-Håkon Øverby from Elverum was to … Read more

Momentum has given Jan Ove a very active and meaningful life

Av Marte Nordahl –Thanks to a velectric-adapted prosthesis, I have had to frolic in sporting challenges. I feel a huge joy and feeling of mastery of all the activities I have had the opportunity to join, says Jan Ove. As a ground worker, Jan Ove Sørheim from Ås had a completely ordinary working day in … Read more

Dysmelia has given Anita an advantage as an orthopedic engineer

By Marte Nordahl. Photo, private. – I know well how good and bad prostheses affect my quality of life. I use all the experiences I have gained in my new job as an orthopedic engineer, says Anita Hellan. Anita Hellan, 24, from Sparbu in Steinkjer, was born with dysmeli without the foot from the ankle … Read more