Christmas table Lindesnes

This weekend, Momentum Sør og Vest arranged a Christmas table at Lindesnes Havhotell.


Around 25 participants from the south and west braved rain and wind in the south and took the trip to Lindesnes this weekend.

Saturday started with the hunt for the Christmas ball, an artistic and a puzzle that took place inside the hotel when the weather was a bit so-so.

Here you see the artistic part 🙂

The whole gang was divided into 4 groups that would draw Santa Claus with inspiration from the picture down in the corner, either as similar as possible, or on their own initiative. A winner of this part was announced who got an advantage in the next part which was a puzzle around the hotel.

Later in the evening there was a Christmas buffet with ribs, chops and Christmas cod.

The whole gang gathered for good food and drink in the hotel restaurant.

In the evening we moved out to the bar and continued out there in the late night hours 🙂

Sunday was breakfast and departure from Lindesnes after a successful gathering with west and south, everyone enjoyed themselves and look forward to the next gathering!

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