An exploratory and scenic cycling experience

Eager participants cycled over steep mountains and through beautiful valleys in both rain, light wind and warm sunshine, for a total of 143 kilometers. An unbeatable view combined with good meals and helpful Tatjana in the accompanying car, contributed to an unforgettable cycling experience.

Tips for hygiene and care that promotes activity joy

As amputated and prosthesis users, hygiene, washing and care during the day and in the evening are very important to be able to perform the activities you want in everyday life.
In the video you get good tips and advice on hygiene, care and washing, which are worth taking with you.

Roar Olafsen / peer review

– I am passionate about peer work

– The peer work is extra rewarding when people open up and ask me questions, says peer coordinator in the Inland, Roar Olafsen from Roa on Hadeland.

Reportage- Jan Ove Sørheim

Valuable and educational peer work

– Peer work facilitates people’s everyday lives and contributes to amputees and prosthesis users being able to participate in activities that are adapted to them, says Jan Ove Sørheim.