Elin, new leader in Momentum West

Elin Holen De Capitani, new leader in Momentum Vest, Photo: HH Reinertsen
Elin Holen De Capitani, new leader in Momentum Vest, Photo: HH Reinertsen

Momentum Vest, one of Momentum’s seven local teams, got a new leader in late winter. Elin Holen De Capitani took over from Anniken Jahnsen Kvaal.

Momentum West embraces the counties of Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland. Elin, the new leader, is not old in age, of the 1977 vintage as she is, but her career in Momentum is too long to count (read about her in, for example, Livsglede 4/2012, where she was referred to as One of Momentum pillars).

Her name was Elin Holen when she, as a teenage girl, had her thigh amputated on the right side as a result of bone cancer – she later added De Capitani to the name when she married her Italian husband, Andrea.

Elin – who has made a name for herself internationally as a disabled athlete – has over the years sat on Momentum’s main board, she has been Momentum secretary and Momentum accountant, together with Andrea she posed as a photo model for Momentum’s traveling exhibition, Livsglede….

She is a Rogalending herself, and at the same time as she became Momentum Vest leader, the local team also got another Rogalending into the management. Previously, Rogaland was not represented with people in the management, and Elin says that it has been so-so with Rogaland activities in Momentum Vest, while she now likes to see that Rogaland gets a more equal place in the whole that Momentum Vest represents.

More activities, ie, in Rogaland, more emphasis on the peer service there and thus a closer relationship between Momentum and hospitals and rehab institutions – this is among what Elin now announces.