Engage an active member of Momentum

Momentum wants more active members.

We also want more members in general.

In addition, we are looking for more active members who want to get involved in the organization.

One of our goals is to provide members and potential members with new and important information that can be of great help in an otherwise perhaps confusing and difficult situation.

As an active member, YOU can help others who are, or have been, in a similar situation to you.

Why get involved in Momentum?

We need you who can work well in a team, on your own and / or are enterprising. Momentum has several positions where there is a need for people who have the time, opportunity and desire to be involved in the important work of helping others who are in the same situation. We are constantly working on different goals for our organization.

There are many different ways you can get involved, be active and influence the organization. Momentum receives from time to time inquiries via e-mail, comments on Facebook, telephones and generally other inquiries we are happy to take into account in our decision-making processes. It is also possible to provide feedback via, for example, a questionnaire that is made available on the internet.

As a member of Momentum, however, the first natural step will be to attend local member meetings where your opinion will be listened to. Here you should be able to participate actively and take part in expressing your opinion about the offer locally, and also ask the manager and other shop stewards to provide input to other parts of the organization on how things can and should be done. It is natural that it is first and foremost the opinions of our members that are at the center of how the organization should and should be shaped.

If you participate in various events, either locally or nationally, you will often later receive a survey that is intended to map different input, wishes and needs of the participants. This will first and foremost be input to the activity you have participated in, but during the event there will usually be good opportunities to air thoughts and ideas that we more than willingly listen to.

If you get involved as a shop steward, either as an equal, board member, deputy or in a committee, you will in many situations have the opportunity to participate in various forums that deal with the relevant work area in which you are involved. Here you will to a somewhat greater extent be able to have the opportunity to actively engage and influence the organization through the work we do. At the same time, through these forums, you will be able to have an impact on your perception of how we can and should work in different areas.

In order for changes to be able to take effect, it will obviously also be necessary that it is feasible and that there is a larger part of the membership and / or the shop stewards who see such changes come into force. However, an idea alone is often not enough if this will involve various forms of extra work in the organization. Then it will be relevant if you yourself are willing to contribute in the area you yourself want changes.


Benefits for you as an active:

  • You have the opportunity to help shape Momentum exactly as you think the organization should be with the priorities you think we should set the highest!
  • The position can give you good opportunities to influence political processes and to see what is happening on the prosthesis and amputation front in the world.
  • You can take part in carrying out various activities that you think are relevant and that you want to offer our members where you want!
  • The position can give you a lot of good work experience in many different exciting areas, for example as a peer, in media, administration work, finance and management. You will be able to get this certified for your CV and job application!
  • The position should not give you financial disadvantages, and if you are involved in arranging an activity, this will not cost you anything other than the time you spend completing the event!

Positions that may be relevant:

  • Members of various boards
  • Social policy committee and involvement in relevant and relevant user committees.
  • The information committee, administrative work to support the development of several current and new training tips booklets for different amputation levels and activities. Read more about our selection
  • Peers in different regional teams. Here, peers with different experiences, different amputation levels, age and gender are often needed.

If you are interested in getting involved, do not hesitate to contact us!

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