20.-22.03.22 Kiel tur

Momentum invites to


Momentum East would like to invite you to a pleasant and social gathering with exchange of experiences and peer talks, if desired Sunday to Tuesday with Color Line. Join

Spring cruise with Color Magic

20. – 22. March 2022 to Oslo-Kiel

Departure 20. March at 14.00 from Hjortneskaia. Latest meeting at Hjortneskaia at 12.00. We board at 12.50. Joint check-in. Arrival in Oslo on Tuesday 22. March at 10.00.

You must have a passport and there is a 20-year age limit. The boat returns from Kiel at 14.00 so we must be back on the ship no later than kl. 13.45. Program for the trip will come later. If you do not want to go ashore, you can be on board the boat when it is ashore in Kiel. www.colorline.no/oslo-kiel/cruise-til-kiel

Deductible NOK 700 per person.

The price includes cabin and buffet / dinner both ways, other meals and drinks must be paid by the individual. The deductible is invoiced upon registration. Unpaid deductibles are not counted as registration. Here it is first come, first served. Full name (as in the passport) and age must be registered upon registration. Parking in the parking garage at Hjortneskaia can be pre-booked by the individual.

Binding registration within 1. March 2022. Click here to register

or to Liv Karin Søstuen on tel. 40004360 or info@momentum.nu.


Photo: Color Line