Benefit for car

You can apply for benefits or special adaptation of a car through nav . At the hospital or in your home municipality, you can contact a social worker or someone from Nav who can assist in applying for this. Read more on Navs website . (more to come)

Renewal of driver’s license

You are responsible for your suitability as a driver when driving a car. If you have dysmeli, use orthosis or amputated arm and / or leg, this may affect your ability to drive a vehicle.

After Road Traffic Act § 21 No one may drive or attempt to drive a vehicle when he is in such a condition that he cannot be considered fit to drive safely. The driver must also have sufficient mobility, cf. § 24 fourth paragraph .

After regulations on driving licenses etc. § 41 health requirements are met if the mobility is sufficient for safe driving of motor vehicles. In the assessment, emphasis shall be placed on, among other things, whether the ability to drive a motor vehicle in a safe manner is affected due to reduced coordination ability or reduced force or sensitivity in the arm or leg, including reduced grip.

If there is reason to believe that the impairment of mobility will worsen or is progressive, a health certificate can be issued with a recommendation for a driving license for up to one year, or for a longer period if the relevant specialist recommends it. In case of doubt as to whether the health requirement pursuant to the first paragraph has been met, the doctor may forward the case to the County Governor, who may request a driving assessment from the regional road office before a health certificate is issued.

If a doctor has assessed that a person does not meet the health requirement pursuant to the first paragraph and the condition is stable, including that the person uses orthopedic prosthesis , the regional road office decides, possibly when carrying out a driving assessment, whether a driving license can still be granted and whether there is a need for the use of extra equipment or other adaptation of the vehicle so that the person can drive a motor vehicle in a traffic-safe manner.

If you are in doubt, feel free to contact your GP and / or regional road office (traffic station) to get an application and any documentation before you book a driving lesson.

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