To be a relative of an amputee

It can be challenging to be a relative and as a relative you often have many questions and maybe no one to talk to. There is often most focus on the sick and the relatives can come into the shadows without being aware.

Momentum’s peers for relatives

Talking to someone who has experience from the same life situation can be very nice also for you as a relative.

Momentum’s peers for relatives can be good supporters. You can get someone to talk to about how life goes with a prosthesis user, practical and emotional challenges.

We have experienced that emotions and reactions can change over time. We can be good listeners, help you look at opportunities, show you where you can get advice and help.

Relatives may feel guilty and want life back to the way it was before. Or be unsure of what lies ahead.

There are many reactions and it is natural. By sharing our experiences, we can help relatives to see opportunities rather than obstacles and to find solutions. You can grow on hillsides and maybe grow closer together.

We want to help and inspire in the time to come.

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