Seek help and support actively

Get the necessary help and support

Make sure that you receive regular follow-up by a doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, orthopedic engineer, etc.

You need both professional help and support from friends and family. For many, however, contact with people who have the same experiences as themselves is one of the most important. Through Momentum you can meet people with experience who offer conversations, training, exercise, activities and social community.

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Everything we at Momentum do is basically to be there for each other, make each other good and inspire each other and exchange experiences so that we can function in the best possible way and have a good life.

Momentum’s vision is “to spread the joy of life” and our motto: “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”
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Momentum has regional teams throughout Norway. Click on your local county team in the top menu on this page to get more information about Momentum’s regional team. There you will find contact information and information about local activities.

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Professional help

You are free to contact the orthopedic workshop for checks and adjustments, also outside agreed appointments.

Contact an orthopedic engineer if you get sores or blisters, if you need adjustments because the prosthesis does not fit or if you think there is a defect in the prosthesis. If you experience temperature rises, sores, bad smells, increasing pain or discomfort, it may be a sign that something needs to be treated. It is better to get control from a doctor, physiotherapist or orthopedic engineer once too much, than once too little.

Get good tips and advice from peers

Momentum has local contact persons / peers – users and relatives – throughout the country. One of us is happy to visit you at a hospital, rehabilitation institution, at home or wherever appropriate.

The peers are experienced prosthesis users and relatives who on a voluntary basis exist for others in the same situation.

Get in touch for a chat by phone or to arrange a visit.

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