Swelling after amputation

Swelling in the stump

Swelling in the stump is due to fluid accumulation due to the operation, and the swelling gradually subsides.

The process can be accelerated by compressing the stump. This is usually done with a compression bandage or a silicone or gel-based “liner” (a rubber-like casing that is rolled on the stump). The swelling gradually decreases and prosthesis fitting usually begins before the swelling has completely subsided.

Swelling after amputation is reduced by using a prosthesis

The use of a prosthesis helps to reduce the swelling more quickly. It will require adjustment or replacement of the prosthetic sleeve over time. Contact an orthopedic engineer if you have any questions.

Especially for amputees

Avoid letting the stump hang down while sitting, use a stool, footstool or the like. And be aware when choosing shoes. Choose shoes that fit well on the foot and are comfortable to wear, that are stable, preferably with a good heel cap and wide soles. The prosthesis is adapted to the heel height of the shoe and works best with light, good shoes with good grip, preferably with a rubber sole. You can use shoes that you already have, but they should not be worn.

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