New board in Momentum

The national meeting is over . With the exception of some who left early, the participants were gathered for a photo shoot outside the Oslo hotel where the meeting was held.
Photo: Hans Hekneby Reinertsen.

The national meeting got a new board in place

After the association’s national meeting in Oslo in April, Momentum will present a renewed main board. Two former members are out of the picture, while two new ones have joined.

Nils-Odd Tønnevold, former chairman of the board, and Marit Havre Nilssen, former deputy member, are out – Alf Richard Kaggerud and Silje Bjerga Nesland are in as new deputies.

Among those who sat and still sit on the board, some changes have taken place:

Kjetil Bragstad has become chairman of the board, having previously been deputy chairman, while Merete Linde-Nielsen has become deputy chairman, having previously been a deputy member.

Geir Arne Hageland, Arne Wilberg and Kristin Holter-Sørensen were board members – and still are.

Text: Flemming Dahl