Orthopedic workshops and clinics

Orthopedic technical assistance

It is essential for prosthesis users to have good orthopedic engineers and orthopedic technicians to work with. Adaptation of prostheses can be time consuming and is of great importance for all prosthesis users. New and improved technology and better solutions are constantly coming on the market. Momentum has a good overview of what is happening on the orthopedic technical front and of orthopedic workshops and clinics both in Norway and in other countries.

On our website you will find a lot of useful information about prostheses and special equipment. You are also welcome to contact us for individual tips and advice.

Basically, it is the orthopedic workshop within the health region to which you belong that you get the travel expenses covered (see more at nav their websites )

IN Circular to ftrl § 10-7: Circular on reimbursement of travel expenses for users’ travel in accordance with the National Insurance Act, Chapter 10 it appears under «Nearest place» that «The user has the right to cover expenses for travel to the nearest place for the purpose of travel, or where NAV approves ».

Nav also has the opportunity to approve trips to other orthopedic workshops. This may be relevant in cases where the orthopedic workshop has a collaboration on prosthesis fitting at the hospital you have been treated, or where you have received treatment using “free hospital choice”.

Contact the relevant workshop, hub office, hospital or rehabilitation center for more information. Remember that you have the right to information from the health service, cf. the Patient and User Rights Act (pbrl) § 3-2 . The information must be sufficient for you to exercise your right to participate in your treatment, cf. pbrl. § 3-1. Nav also has a duty to provide you with information Public Administration Act § 11 .

On this page we have made an overview of orthopedic technical resources in Norway.

Below you will find an overview of orthopedic workshops and clinics in Norway.

If you click on the logo, you will find some info about the different companies. You can also click on the website button and get to the company’s website.


Atterås can be found in Bergen.

Blatchford can be found in Arendal, Bergen, Bodø, Harstad, Kristiansand and Tromsø

Buskerud Technical Orthopedics can be found in Drammen

Drevelin can be found in Bergen and Kristiansand, as well as at Haukeland Hospital, Hospitalet Betanien, and the county hospitals in Odda and Stord.

Hamar Orthopedic can be found in Hamar.

Moss Orthopedic Clinic can be found in Moss.

Norwegian Technical Orthopedics can be found at Ottestad.

AND Orthopedics can be found in Oslo and the surrounding area, Østfold (Viken), Innlandet, Møre og Romsdal, Rogaland and Northern Norway

Orthopedic technology can be found with main departments in Oslo / Lillestrøm, Sandvika, Vestfold / Telemark, Rogaland and Vestland.

Sophie’s Minde Orthopedics can be found in Oslo, at Bryn, Rikshospitalet and Ullevål, Drammen, Hamar

Teknomed can be found in Sandefjord and Porsgrunn

Trøndelag Orthopedic Workshop can be found in Trondheim, Ålesund and Namsos

Østo AS can be found in Ottestad and in Trondheim.