Blatchford Ortopedi AS is Norway’s largest orthopedic workshop and is owned both by the Blatchford Group and by employees in the company. Blatchford Group is a family-owned company headquartered in the United Kingdom with more than 125 years of experience in rehabilitation services in the United Kingdom.

Blatchford Orthopedics has departments in Bergen , Bodø , Harstad , Kristiansand and Trømsø.
Blatchford Ortopedi AS has more than 130 specialists in orthopedic technology.

The focus is on helping customers to have a better everyday life and an increased quality of life.

Blatchford’s orthopedic engineers adapt prostheses to the leg or arm. Prostheses are mechanical or technical devices that replace a missing body part.

This is done for functional and / or cosmetic reasons. Regardless of the level of amputation, the prosthesis should function as an extension of the skeleton where surrounding soft parts are utilized for anchoring and power transmission.

In order to be able to choose the right solution for the individual user, it is important to map physical prerequisites, wishes and needs. Such a mapping is performed by the prosthesis team when the user is in for his first prosthesis adaptation after the amputation. At Blatchford Orthopedics, this team consists of a doctor, physiotherapist, nurse and orthopedic engineer.

Common to all types of prostheses is that you usually dress the prosthesis with a soft padding that is ground as similar to the corresponding side as possible, in other words; cosmetics. Some prosthesis users choose not to apply cosmetics to the prosthesis. It is entirely up to each individual.

A prosthesis can be made in a number of variants, and much of the knowledge is about finding the best individual solutions. Experienced prosthesis users gradually become very knowledgeable about their needs and desires. At Blatchford Orthopedics, the focus is on collaboration with the patient from A to Z.


Collaboration with the Orthoclinic
To be able to apply to NAV for your orthopedic aid, you need to see a medical specialist. Blatchford Orthopedics collaborates with a medical specialist at the Orthopedic Clinic who regularly visits Blatchford’s wards. You can book your consultation with a specialist (without a referral from your GP) by pressing here .

Here you will find regulations, prices and other useful information.


Blatchford Bergen
Fjøsangerveien 215
5073 Bergen
tel. 55 27 11 00

Blatchford Bodø
Gidsken Jakobsens vei 22
8008 Bodø
tel. 75 50 74 20

Blatchford Harstad
Mercurveien 39
9408 Harstad
tel. 77 00 57 00

Blatchford Kristiansand
Skibåsen 42 B – Sørlandsparken
4636 Kristiansand S
tel. 38 02 32 00

Blatchford Tromsø
Alkeveien 14
9015 Tromsø
tel. 77 60 00 22