Moss Orthopedic Clinic
Prinsens gate 9
1530 Moss
Tel. 69 25 00 35 key selection 1

Since May 2011, Moss Orthopedic Clinic (MOK) has been centrally located in Moss.

Moss Orthopedic Clinic (MOK) AS is centrally located in Moss Health Center, centrally in Moss.

The clinic is owned and run by dedicated professionals. Since 2013, MOK has had an agreement with NAV on the delivery of orthopedic aids. The professionals at the clinic focus on measuring, adapting and adjusting all types of orthopedic aids. The goal is to give all patients a comprehensive assessment for the best possible solutions and results.

Meet orthopedic engineering student Siri Eidnes and see how she works:

Hour with a medical specialist in an orthopedic surgeon

In addition to skilled orthopedic engineers, Moss Orthopedic Clinic has attached two medical specialists in orthopedic surgery. The specialists offer all types of orthopedic assessments.
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