Teknomed, Sandefjord
Head office and production
Skolmar 13, Sandefjord

Get in touch with: 33 45 45 33 (08:00 – 14:30)

Teknomed, Telemark
Storgata 118, Porsgrunn


Teknomed Ortopediteknisk Senter was established in 2002 and has two departments. One department is located in Porsgrunn, while the headquarters are located in Sandefjord.

Teknomed specializes in leg prostheses.

Teknomed is also regularly present at outpatient clinics at the Hospital in Vestfold. Teknomed has employees with specialist expertise in diabetes and these are part of the team at the diabetes foot outpatient clinic.

The patient meets the entire team at the hospital, and is followed up by an orthopedic engineer afterwards where needed.

In addition, we work closely with the Hospital in Vestfold to achieve the best possible patient course for amputations.

Teknomed’s orthopedic engineers can also be found at Sandefjord Medical Center and at Solvang habilitation center on a regular basis.

Teknomed’s professional ambition is to be able to contribute to each individual user of orthopedic aids being able to utilize their potential in the best possible way. Teknomed is run by professionals with long experience from both domestic and international conditions.

Relocation, gait function, the opportunity to participate socially and at work are important, overriding goals for the rehabilitation process after an amputation. Teknomed wants to contribute to each individual prosthesis user achieving the best possible function, it is therefore an important part of the process that the individual level of ambition and goal is discussed and clarified. An orthopedic engineer, orthopedic technician and physiotherapist make up the team that works with the patient to achieve the best possible result. Regular follow-up and cooperation is necessary to achieve a stable and good level of function.

In order to utilize the opportunities that the individual amputee has, it is very important to have a range of prosthetic technical solutions to choose from. Teknomed possesses this competence and has a team of employees who possess a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. Teknomedi can give advice and help choose the type of sleeve and materials and components will give an optimal result.

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