Trøndelag Orthopedic Workshop develops, manufactures, adapts and maintains orthopedic aids. These are individually adapted aids that will replace the loss of body part, or restore or better lost function in a locomotor organ. The aids consist of prostheses, orthoses and orthopedic footwear.

Most such aids are requisitioned to the user by medical specialists, most often as a result of a permanent and significant functional disturbance in the support and movement apparatus. If the disability is an obstacle to the development of daily activities, the costs of the aid are covered in full by the National Insurance Scheme with reference to section 10-7 of the National Insurance Act. If the aid is included in medical treatment, the costs are covered by the specialist health service.

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We have headquarters in Trondheim and branches in Ålesund and Namsos, as well as travel services to Levanger, Orkdal, Volda and Mork.


Postal address:
Trøndelag Orthopedic Workshop
PO Box 3250 Torgarden, 7006 Trondheim

tel. 73 84 56 30



Prof. Brochs gate 8C

Ålesund Hospital – the lower floor of the main vestibule – see map

Levanger Hospital, ARKEN building – see map

Namsos Hospital – see map

Orkdal Hospital – see map