Protection against discrimination

DTL – The Norwegian Discrimination and Accessibility Act provides you with legal protection against discrimination on the basis of a disability. The purpose of the Act is to promote equality and equality, ensure equal opportunities and rights to participate in society for all, regardless of disability, and prevent discrimination on the grounds of disability. The law shall contribute to the reduction of socially created disability barriers and prevent new ones from being created.

The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud is responsible for ensuring that the law is enforced. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of discrimination against people with disabilities in Norway.

Read more about the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman here >>

You can complain to the ombud on many different discriminatory matters:

  • Lack of facilitation in educational institutions
  • Lack of accessibility in public buildings and in public spaces
  • Being denied public transportation for example because you use a wheelchair
  • Lack of facilitation in working life
  • other

The Norwegian Disability Association has created a template for a form that you can use to send a complaint to the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman.
Here you will find this template.