Right to physiotherapy

Many who have amputated have a great need and benefit from physiotherapy.

From 1. January 2018 you no longer need a referral from a doctor to get physical therapy. If you have a new operation, you have priority with physiotherapists who have an agreement on operating grants in the municipality where you live. It is a good idea to get an appointment with a physiotherapist before you are discharged from the hospital, they can help you with this.

Deductibles and exemption cards

Most people now have to pay a deductible up to the exemption card limit. Only children under the age of 16, persons with occupational injuries or persons in first-time service are exempt from paying deductibles. However, there is a ceiling on how much you have to pay in deductibles per year. When you have reached the limit or the ceiling as it is often called, you get a free card.

From 2021, it is only one type of exemption card.

Exemption card for deductible ceiling 1.

Read about deductibles, exemption cards and physiotherapy at helsenorge.no

From 1. January 2021, there is only one free card scheme in Norway, instead of two schemes, as before.

This means that you can now use one exemption card for health services in the various services that provide earnings for exemption cards.

With a free card for health services, you do not have to pay deductibles for the rest of the calendar year. There will be a common deductible ceiling for all the services that are currently included in the exemption card scheme. The new exemption card ceiling is NOK 2,460.

The purpose of the merger is to make the scheme easier for the inhabitants, and to shield the users who currently have the highest expenses.

The services that have previously provided earnings for exemption cards for health services will continue to provide earnings.

You can find your exemption card, check registered deductibles and change your account number on helsenorge.no. Remember that most therapists have the opportunity to check if you have a free card by using the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s inquiry service.

Today, deductibles from treatment by a doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist, outpatient clinic, laboratory and X-ray institute can provide earnings for exemption cards. There may also be deductibles for medicines on blue prescription, some dental treatments, some rehabilitation stays and some treatment trips abroad.