Right to rehabilitation


You can apply for rehabilitation stays directly from the hospital or via the municipal health service. As an amputee, you will normally be referred to specialized rehabilitation with a 24-hour stay.

Use your time in the hospital and rehabilitation center well to learn as much as possible.

During rehabilitation stays, we recommend that you discuss with an occupational therapist and / or social worker what you need and can get covered and get help to apply.

If you are at home, consult with the municipality’s occupational therapist, social worker, your GP or NAV. You can also contact Momentum for advice. You are also entitled to information from the health service, cf. the Patient and User Rights Act (pbrl) § 3-2 . The information must be sufficient for you to exercise your right to participate in your treatment, cf. pbrl. § 3-1. Nav also has a duty to provide you with information Public Administration Act § 11 .

Services in habilitation and rehabilitation shall contribute to the patient and user being able to train and maintain skills and the ability to cope. The goal is to be able to live as independent a life as possible based on one’s own prerequisites and wishes.

From helsenorge.no about rehabilitation and habilitation.

Rehabilitation is basically the municipality’s responsibility

Both the municipalities and the specialist health service offer rehabilitation. It is the municipalities that have the main responsibility for the follow-up and which normally refer to the specialist health service. You are free to choose a place of treatment in the specialist health service, cf. the Patient and User Rights Act (pbrl) § 2-4 .

Right to individual plan and coordinator

If you need long-term and coordinated services, you are entitled to, and shall be offered, an individual plan and coordinator, cf. pbrl. § 2-5, the Health and Care Services Act § 7-1 and Specialist Health Services Act § 2-5 . The individual plan must be based on your needs and wishes and prepared in collaboration with you. It is up to you whether you want such an individual plan and you may have to ask for it. The wishes and needs of your relatives can also influence the content of the plan if you yourself want the relatives’ participation.

One coordinator will be responsible for ensuring the necessary follow-up of you as a patient and will ensure coordination of the service offer and follow up the individual plan in collaboration with you.