Support for prostheses

Costs for prostheses (regular prosthesis, spare prosthesis and shower prosthesis) are covered by the National Insurance Scheme. It is possible to apply for special prostheses to cover special needs for grip or activity. You can also freely choose an orthopedic workshop.

Expenses for travel and accommodation at the nearest orthopedic workshop are reimbursed with the exception of a deductible. The main rule is that travel within the health region is covered, but exceptions can be made so that you can use the workshop you find most useful, regardless of where in Norway it is located.

IN Circular on reimbursement of travel expenses for the user’s travel in accordance with the National Insurance Act, Chapter 10 it appears under «Nearest place» that «The user has the right to cover expenses for travel to the nearest place for the purpose of travel, or where NAV approves ».

Nav also has the opportunity to approve trips to other orthopedic workshops. This may be relevant in cases where the orthopedic workshop has a collaboration on prosthesis fitting at the hospital you have been treated, or where you have received treatment using “free hospital choice”.

You are also entitled to information from Nav after Public Administration Act § 11 . You also have the right to information from the health service, cf. the Patient and User Rights Act (pbrl) § 3-2 . The information must be sufficient for you to exercise your right to participate in your treatment, cf. pbrl. § 3-1.

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