Student patients at HiOA / Oslo Met

Momentum has received a request if anyone will be a student patient at HiOA / Oslo Met by spring 2019.

See request below:


From this spring, I have undertaken to hold the leg and thigh prosthesis course at the school every year from now on. And we need 10 leg prosthesis users and 10 thigh prosthesis users every single spring to be able to complete a good course for the students and ensure that they become good “prosthesis makers”. I did not have the responsibility to get student patients this year, but I know that they struggled a lot to get enough people. Thigh prosthesis users in particular are difficult to obtain.

Some key info:
• The laying course usually takes place from about the transition January / February to about the middle of March
• The thigh course usually takes place from about the middle of March to the end of April
• Student patients must be able to attend 3 times, 1 time for plaster casts and two tests. About half a day at a time.
• We are looking for walking prosthesis users who have been amputated through the leg or thigh. Those who have been amputated through the ankle, knee or hip are also welcome to sign up, but will then possibly be contacted in connection with other courses.
• Student patients must be able to be plastered twice, as well as walking back and forth while testing two prostheses. Preferably without, or with one crutch.
• We basically look for unilaterally amputated, but if you are double and want to, then sign up so we can consider it!

In addition to the above-mentioned course, we will conduct a plaster exercise with the brand new first-year students in the autumn. Then they should only practice plastering and talking to patients. Here we need leg amputated, unilateral or bilateral. For this exercise, no prosthesis should be made to be tested, so here there is no requirement for gait function.

Hope you have the opportunity to help me get people! Those who ask tend to think it’s nice days and it happens quite often that the students come up with good ideas and new solutions that the student patients can tip their own orthopedic engineer about afterwards.

See registration form here .

With best regards
Linn Reed-Schwanborg
Orthopedic Engineer, MSc

Sophies Minde Ortopedi AS
(+47) 22 04 53 60
(+47) 99 27 20 55