Student patients to Oslomet

The orthopedic engineering education Oslomet wishes you with a thigh prosthesis to a prosthesis clinic with their first-year students in the spring semester 2019. Both teachers and not least the students really appreciate it.

In March-May, first-year students will learn how to make transfemoral prostheses (prostheses for amputations through the thigh). In connection with this course, they need prosthesis users to the clinic so that the students can learn how to make good prostheses. The feedback that a prosthesis user gives to the student who has made the prosthesis is worth its weight in gold in relation to the student’s learning process.

They hereby send the dates to the prosthesis clinics where the students will learn to measure and make thigh prostheses. The clinics usually last half a day (approx. 3-3.5 hours).

Wednesday March 6 – 1. group (09.00 -13.00) TF clinic measurement

Monday 1 April – 1st group (09.00-13.00) TF clinic – testing of sleeve

Monday 6 May – 1st group at 09.00-13.00) TF Clinic – test of walking

They pay your transport costs and if necessary we order a taxi for you. If you come with your own car, they will send you a parking permit so you can park right in front of the entrance.

The orthopedic engineering education is located at (Oslo Met – Metropolitan University) close to Bislett and has address Pilestredet 44. Their patient entrance with doorbell is facing Falbesgt. 18. If you drive a car, you must drive into Stensbergsgt. from Pilestredet. This street will be called Falbesgt. There are reserved parking spaces for the disabled on the side of the building. Attached is a map of the area.

The orthopedic engineering education will cover travel expenses in connection with attendance, the use of taxis is agreed in advance and ordered from them in advance. If you need a parking permit, it is also agreed with them in advance.

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Orthopedic engineering education
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