Summery joy of life

This year’s summer edition of Livsglede is on its way. Cover photo: Hans Hekneby Reinertsen.

The joy of life shines from the cover photo of this summer’s Livsglede, which is now on its way to the mailboxes …

The photo shows Swedish Christoffer Linde – with two legs and one arm smaller after a railway accident in 2006 – in the hotel pool during the Momentum weekend in Tønsberg this June.

The frontman participated in the weekend gathering as an exhibitor, he showed examples of prostheses provided by the internationally active business he himself has started.

Christoffer (29) has shown himself in swimming pools before, many swimming pools, because he has trained a lot in the water, Paralympic swimmer as he is.

Christoffer is also mentioned in previous issues of Livsglede, and he has once before graced the front page of the magazine.

This time we focus little on Christoffer in the magazine, but mention him in an article that says that forces in Sweden are in the process of building a new association for amputees – with Christoffer as one of the key people, and with Momentum as a role model.

Inside this summer’s Livsglede, we not least take a look at the June weekend in Tønsberg, in a report where we, for example, strike up a conversation with some new faces in the Momentum gang, among them the recently leg amputated Terje Bærulfsen and his Marit.

Terje, of 1951 and amputated as a result of diabetes, says that Marit and he have met “a lot of positive people” in Tønsberg and says that “then it is nice to see that life goes on even if you have one leg too small . »

He finds it motivating to see other amputees. “It is clear that there will be some ups and downs for all people, but I think it’s nice to see that people work, it gives me a bit of that guts, that is,” says Terje in the report.

A few other examples from the contents of the new magazine:

A look at a ring fox by an orthopedic engineer, Håkon Jensen, and – of course – a mention of a thigh-amputated Momentum shop steward who has contributed greatly to developing Momentum into what the association is today… His name is Hans Emil Møller-Hansen and was during the weekend The collection’s gala dinner presented the Momentum Honorary Award.

The Livsglede editorial staff wishes you a good read – and a good summer.

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