Theme evening in Bergen 09.09.19

On Monday 09.09.19, Momentum and Blatchford Orthopedics arranged a theme evening in Bergen.

about 40 people were gathered in the canteen at Blatchford at Krambua. Orthopedic engineer Miriam A. Hollerud welcomed the meeting, the evening continued with presentations from marketing manager in Blatchford UK, Helen Clark, and for Momentum, Mariann Vestbøstad Marthinsen.

Miriam told a bit about different sleeve types and Kenneth from Ortopro told about feet with a hydraulic ankle.

Chris and Denise from the UK told their story about how they both had their thighs amputated in a motorcycle accident in the USA.

There was occasional time for questions from the audience.

Many thanks to everyone present, and to Blatchford who lined up with locals and food.

Photo: Dorthe Heggen, Blatchford.


Happy greetings

Petter Thime

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