Theme evening on prosthetic feet at Blatchford Orthopedics in Bergen

On Monday 22.10.18, Momentum and Blatchford Orthopedics in Bergen arranged a theme evening with the theme prosthetic feet.

about 25-30 people were gathered in the canteen at Blatchford at Krambua. Dorthe Heggen, physiotherapist at Blatchford welcomed the meeting, and the evening continued with a small presentation of Momentum by Petter Thime.

Linus Lindberg, orthopedic engineer at Blatchford, talked about prosthetic feet, and brought with him a good selection of different prosthetic feet from several suppliers.

After Linus’ presentation, there was a round of questions from the audience where the staff at Blatchford answered as best they could to all the questions we came up with.

From Blacthford posed Benedicte, Miriam, Linus, Anette, Lene, Tom Egil and Dorthe.

Blatchford served pizza and after the meal there was a tour of the premises before people went their separate ways.

Many thanks to everyone who came, and to Blatchford who lined up with locals, food and staff on a wet Monday night.

Happy greetings

Petter Thime