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Do you know anyone who has made an extraordinary effort for amputees?

Momentum awarded the Momentum Prize for the first time in 2004 and since then it has become a tradition. In this way, we want to honor the person or people who have made a special effort for prosthesis users and relatives.

The momentum award for extraordinary efforts

Feel free to send suggestions for an individual, a topic, a department, an institution / organization or a company that in one way or another has made an effort far beyond the ordinary and which you therefore think should get:


The momentum award for best prosthetic cosmetics

In the same way, we will focus on the appearance of the prosthesis with special emphasis on shape and form and encourage innovation and new thinking in the area. We would like to invite you to submit a proposal to the person / persons you think you should receive: Picture of cosmetics must be attached to the nomination.

Previous award winners:

  • 2019 – Momentum’s honorary award: Sigrun Solberg
  • 2018 – Momentum’s honorary award: Hans-Emil Møller-Hansen
  • 2015 – Geir Bornkessel
  • 2010 – Momentum’s honorary award: Nils-Odd Tønnevold
  • 2010 – Orthopedic Engineer: Roger Gsell Orthopedic Technology Ryen in Oslo, Ottestad Rehabilitation Center Hamar and Bakke Center for Mastery and Rehabilitation.
  • 2008 – Bjørg Nodeland, Jan Risnes, orthopedic technician in the OCH Orthopedics department in Oslo and the Rehabilitation department at Haukeland
  • 2007 – Momentum’s honorary award: Tor Dalsheim
  • 2007 – Anne Berit Flaaten, Vebjørg Walle and Fredrik Johansen
  • 2005 – The couple Liv Karin and Rune Søstuen
  • 2004 – Kjetil Atterås from Atterås Ortopediteknikk and Tomm Kristensen from Norsk Teknisk Ortopedi

Nomination and proposals

Anyone who wants to can nominate candidates.

Proposals must be substantiated and contain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of both the proposer and the candidates (with a small reservation about the number) will be invited to the award ceremony.

The prize will be awarded during the annual Momentum Weekend.

More information can be obtained by calling Momentum on tel. 40 00 43 60 or e-mail

Proposals for candidates must be received by Momentum by the end of April each year. Send your proposal to Momentum by e-mail

It is the main board of Momentum that evaluates the proposals received and nominates prize winners.

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