Information work, courses and social policy work

The main board of Momentum works with the national activities

Momentum has a main board that works a lot with administrative work, projects and activities at the national level. Much of the work we do is governed by, among other things, which ones requirements the authorities make of us as an organization. Projects we focus on may include the development of information material, courses by the local county councils, mapping of grants for activities, operation of the member magazine Livsglede, operation of social media, overall peer work and coordination of this, as well as social policy work.

Activities and projects that are carried out under the auspices of the Executive Board often receive grants through measures such as The Dam Foundation and other various funds and foundations. Such projects and events aim to include most, if not all, members of the organization. However, there may also be projects or activities that are also narrowed down to special activities and / or member groups in the organization. Efforts are being made to put in place measures to be able to include members regardless of place of residence. It is nevertheless a challenge that the organization continuously focuses on. Some examples of activities that have been carried out in recent years are ski gatherings at Venabu, Momentum weekend in Harstad, Fevik, alpine gathering in Myrkdalen in Voss. If you have an idea for such an offer or miss such an arena nationally, we encourage you to get involved and help make an offer to others in a similar situation!


Various projects that may be relevant to work with in Momentum are the development of new information material for training, other activities, sexuality and cohabitation, photo exhibitions, advertising campaigns, mapping studies and much more. In this connection, it can often be relevant to have a collaboration with health personnel and / or other therapists who can contribute with their professional competence to ensure the quality of the information that is prepared. This allows the organization, through for example The Dam Foundation , get grants for. Even free purchase of a position as a physiotherapist or similar!

Political influence is also largely possible at the national level. There are several opportunities to join user committees in various health regions or in parts of FFO as a representative of Momentum. Here you can get a special opportunity to influence political decision-making processes and make recommendations and input on how the treatment process for patients should be. It also provides a good opportunity to address various issues related to rights violations for our target group and much more.

Below you can see various documents of relevance to see what work Momentum has done in recent years, and what we are working on in the time ahead.

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