Travel expenses in connection with events

For the sake of those who have a particularly long journey, the Executive Board has decided the following:

Travel expenses can be covered according to the cheapest appropriate mode of travel at Momentum’s events. The trip is covered according to patient travel’s rates for travel, board and lodging where the itinerary requires this. Documentation of the trips and who is traveling must be available.

For 2022, the rates are:

  • Standard rate: NOK 2.80 per kilometer. When using public transport is calculated per member. By private car per car.
  • Subsistence allowance: NOK 244 per day. This presupposes travel of more than twelve hours.
  • Accommodation allowance: up to NOK 631 per day. Accommodation must be documented with a receipt and needs must be documented.
  • Deductible: A deductible is calculated corresponding to 1000 kilometers at the current standard rate per person.
  • Other prerequisites. Membership in Momentum.

We hope this will make it possible for more people who have a long journey to participate in more events in other parts of the country. Do you want to give us feedback on this, or provide input? Feel free to contact us at