What do YOU expect from an orthopedic engineer?

Momentum has been invited by the Ministry of Education and Research to participate in a meeting 7. May where we can provide input on what expectations our members have for the orthopedic engineer’s knowledge, skills, and attributes.

After Meld.St. 13, 2011-2012 and Report. St. 16, 2016-2017, there is a need for better national management to ensure that students are prepared for work tasks and working methods in future health and welfare services, as well as to strengthen quality and relevance in all health and social sciences educations.

The Ministry of Education and Research has established a program group for orthopedic engineering education which will prepare national guidelines for the education. The guideline shall define what a fully trained orthopedic engineer should be able to do.

What are your expectations for this?

Send us your expectations so that we can take this further in the meeting with the Ministry of Education and Research 7. May!

Input that emerges in the meeting will be processed and taken into account in the work with the guidelines. The guideline must be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research by 1. nov. The guidelines will then be sent for ordinary consultation.

For more information, see the website of the project .

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