With prostheses for Guardamar

Travel memories from a training trip with prostheses to Guardamar (Alicante) Spain.

Activities with prosthesis

The training trip was arranged by Momentum Øst in the period 02-10 October 2018, and 18 participants came from Trondheim, Oslo, Østfold and Akershus. The destination was Hotel Guardamar, Guardamar, Spain.

8 days were to be filled with exercise, rest and socializing. Physiotherapist Gitte Hilding (Bakke Rehab) was responsible for the training program.

The participants were blessed with great weather throughout their stay.

The days started with a sunrise trip at 07.30 (optional). Meeting by the pool at the hotel at 10 (precise) in training clothes, ie. swimwear. About 1 hour went to clothes, bends and stretches under the expert guidance of Gitte and with catchy music. Then it carried out into the pool.

Coping with and without prosthesis

Swimming without prosthesis

For the first few days, some prosthesis users refused, with thoughts such as “this does not work”, “do not dare”, “have not bathed since I was amputated”.

Under Gitte’s expert guidance, those who wanted to came out into the pool. 1 hour of pool training is fun, tiring and very good for the feeling of mastery.

Kl. 13 was the joint swimming in the sea (optional). With beautiful bathing temperature / fresh waves and the participants took care of each other.

Kl. 17 was a voluntary afternoon trip with Gitte.

Lunch and dinner were not included in the price of the trip, but the travel party mostly ate lunch / dinner together every day and they became a close-knit group.

Swimming in a safe environment with a prosthesis

2 excursions were arranged 1-day trip to Banos de Fortuna where you swim in water that is heated from the earth’s interior and the pools kept about 35 degrees. The hot springs should have a rich health-promoting content and should be good for tired bodies. This was experienced as delicious for many, and the trip ended with a typical Spanish lunch in venerable premises in the area.

Saturday night there was a dinner excursion by bus to a typical Spanish restaurant serving various Spanish dishes.

The trips were arranged by Turid and Geir Bornkesel, who have also previously been very involved in the work in Momentum. Such commitment is valued.

As in the school styles, everyone agreed that it had been a nice stay in Guardamar.

Photos and text: Vigdis Hansen

Some editing and publishing by: Kjetil Bragstad