Sports, leisure and activities

Sports, leisure and activities

Benedicte Finnema er benamputert og aktiv golfer.

Out and up:

We are lucky to live in Norway. There is an activity for everyone!

In addition to the overview here, you can check: Norwegian Sports Confederation Parasport

Most special associations offer organized activities (para sports) – all are low-threshold and often free. The most important thing is to find out what you want to try and perhaps return to a sport you are familiar with. Look, contact and try, but there is no shame in turning around.

The most important thing we do is to familiarize ourselves with the offers and invest in our own health. Momentum has a tradition of having members who are, have been in and are part of major international and national sports. Several of our members have participated in the Paralympics up to several times and we are an association with roots in sports and activities in general. But; we are most concerned that more people get involved in activities and are physically active. Remember that all activities are also social arenas and participation in any case gives belonging, joy and mastery.

Keep up to date on Momentum’s website and the Momentum group on Facebook, possibly contact the sports and activities committee in Momentum and/or your regional team. Ask and you will find.

Snow sports:

Ski days – at SNØ (Lørenskog) and in Oslo Winter Park, Tryvann. Organizers: Norwegian Ski Association para, Bano (the aid expert), orthopedic workshop. Invitations are usually twice a year. Keep up to date on FB, the Momentum group.
On the skiing days, you can try cross-country skiing, sit skiing, alpine skiing under expert supervision. FREE

Snowboard: FUNKIS (sports club) and Brettforbundet Inkludering (

Climbing: climbing centers offer trials, contact your local climbing centre.

Athletics: Momentum is strong here too! Among other things, we have 2 sprinters on the national team and we have members in several disciplines.

Running school, Sports days and demo: organized locally in several places in the country and it is usually the orthopedic engineering workshops, local sports teams and manufacturers who invite. See the activity calendar on Momentum’s website.

Ball sports:

The Handball Association – wheelchair handball . Wheelchair handball is incredibly fun and Norway also fields its own national team here. Contact the Handball Association to find out if they have a local offer.

Volleyball association : has its own para consultant. Sitting volleyball is offered in several places in the country. Can be recomended. The paraconsultant in the special association gives you an overview of local clubs that offer trials. In Oslo, there is the sports team Koll på Kringsjå, and there is a team in Stavanger, among others, the Volleyball Association, will provide a demo in sitting volleyball when we are in Hamar 15-18 June 2023.

Table tennis at the Table Tennis Association . The Table Tennis Association has co-operation and a joint paraconsultant with the Volleyball Association. The Table Tennis Association will provide a demo when we are in Hamar 15-18 June 2023.

The most beautiful, smartest and most practical sports facility we have in Norway is
Parasports Center Trøndelag, Ranheim.

It is a fantastic facility and a national and local para sports arena that allows you to try wheelchair handball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and more. Feel free to contact them directly.

Golf: an excellent activity for amputees. Social and fun. We have a large group of members who are hobby players and also members who are paragolf practitioners. There are simulator centers throughout Norway and the Golf Association’s inclusion consultant Gøril Hansen , Inclusion consultant in the Norwegian Golf Association and responsible for Paragolf and organized golf. Local paragolf days are organized where everyone can try to play and it is organized regularly under the auspices of the associated simulator golf. Look in the activity calendar on our website and/or contact the inclusion consultant directly.

Basketball: at the Norwegian Basketball Association Wheelchair basketball is both fun and high intensity. Norway is fielding its own wheelchair basketball national team – and work is also being done on recruiting.

Tennis : Wheelchair tennis at the Norwegian Tennis Association . Can be recomended!

On the ice:
Hockey and sled hockey national team. Momentum has members on the sled hockey national team.
Curling: The Curling Association organizes trial days and there are para-teams and organized activities in local curling clubs.

Water sports:
Swimming: check your local swimming pools. The swimming association can also be contacted

Kayaking/paddling/SUP : Check offers in local kayak clubs. In Oslo, the Oslo Kayak Club has a pioneering project in collaboration with the Padelforbundet. Contact: Stein Hagen . Para paddling/facilitated paddling and the possibility of taking a wet card are offered by several kayak clubs in Norway. SUP can also be recommended, standing or sitting. We have a trial evening in Oslo Kayak Club at the beginning of June.

NB! It is not allowed to wear prostheses in a kayak!

– sea kayaks and kayak para/facilitation is recommended and expert guidance is available. Safety is the first priority.

Sailing and sailing: Contact the Norwegian Sailing Association . KNS also has its own trial days (and boats) for disabled people. Sailing is a very suitable sport for people with disabilities.

The Norwegian Riders’ Association has an overview of which clubs offer riding for people with disabilities.

Curious? Feel free to join us at Hjerkinn weekend 25.08.23 organized by Funkibator . At Hjerkinn you can experience Dovrefjell from the back of a horse and the horses are both well used and clever (Icelandic horses).

Sports and activities you can do on your own :
Cycling – ask and ask for advice from one of the many good cyclists in Momentum. We help each other get started.

Swimming: here it is possible to contact local swimming pools, there are several options such as aqua training, swimming lessons, etc. There are several ways to exercise in water

Exercise with weights: Independent of others; contact and visit locally, but you can get training advice best by asking other amputees and not least physiotherapists and personal trainers with rehabilitation expertise


Walking tours: Organized locally throughout the country, check your local Tourist Association and Sports Association

The most important thing is to be active and keep up a hobby, not least because amputees in particular are recommended to be physically active. Being part of an activity group gives a sense of belonging and there is always a focus on the social. We are never alone.

The most important thing is to find out what you like to do and take the initiative to try something new or follow a dream, reach a goal. Nothing happens by itself and there are many people with disabilities who are active and exercise in order to have a good active life and better health.

It is perfectly permissible to have fun, socialize and be active at the same time. We have lost a body part(s) but not our life. Use the opportunities – there are many providers and players who would like to be visited by you

Joint activities Momentum offers:

Cycling tours
Ski weekends
Riding (Hjerkinn)
Knight race
Lake Hurdalsjøen