This is Momentum

This is Momentum

Momentum is an independent interest organization for amputees, dysmelists and orthotic users

We work to ensure that prosthetic users, despite their loss, regain their joy in life and are able to look ahead.

Momentum is also an association for anyone interested in the rehabilitation of amputees, including prosthetics, physical and medical professionals, orthopedic workshops, hospitals, training centers and suppliers. Everyone is welcome as a member to promote matters of common interest.

Momentum was established in 1996, and has approximately 800 members. We are affiliated to FFO (Funkjonshemmedes Fellesorganisation).

It is entirely possible to live a rich and meaningful life as a prosthesis wearer. But it requires willpower, training and good prostheses!

Collectively, we have considerable experience as prosthesis users and are fully “up and running”. Through Momentum, you meet others with whom you can exchange experiences, whether you are a prosthesis user, a relative or a professional.

Momentum’s tasks and work

Momentum engages in various ways. Some of the main focus areas are:

  1. Peer work
  2. Events and membership work
  3. Social work and health policy
  4. Information work

Everything we do is basically peer-to-peer help – by exchanging experiences with each other, we can push boundaries.