The association for amputees, dysmelists and orthotic users

Momentum’s vision is to spread joy in life through information and entertainment. We work to ensure that amputees, dysmelists and orthotic users, despite their loss, regain their joy in life and are able to look ahead.

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Our peers can guide and inspire you to an active everyday life

Do you need someone to talk to about everything from prosthetic use and activity aids, hygiene and self-care, to your rights as an amputee?

We have volunteers who listen to you and your needs. Read stories from our peers.

Meet a like-minded person

Exercise is very important for you who are an amputee

Do you want more inspiration and tips for training?

Momentum has a number of reports, films and general advice that can increase motivation for an extra training session, or a brisk walk between dinners and company. Check out our YouTube channel

Training tips