Meet a like-minded person

Meet a like-minded person

Like helps like – someone to exchange experiences with.

Equal persons are people who themselves have been amputated due to accident, illness or other reasons, or who were born without an arm / leg.

Peer-to-peer people have valuable experience that others can greatly benefit from and enjoy. We have put this into the system. The fact that equals help equals is what we call peer-to-peer work.

What can we offer?

Our peers can help and inspire and be supporters in a difficult time. The peers have processed their own history, and on a voluntary basis they are at the disposal of other users and relatives who wish to do so. You can talk to us about what life is like as a prosthesis user and practical and emotional challenges. We have experienced that feelings and reactions can change over time. We can be a good listener, help you see opportunities and show you where you can get advice and help.

Peers in Momentum are experienced, have undergone courses and are bound by confidentiality. We try to be of help and inspiration to all amputees, regardless of stage. We have extensive experience with newly operated and established prosthetic users, as well as relatives who in one way or another want to learn more, progress or simply want to talk.

Momentum’s peers can:

  • Meet you at the hospital
  • Come to your home
  • Participate in group conversations
  • Meet with your relatives
  • Talk to you on the phone, facetime or other digital channels

Momentum also has its own relative contacts – let us know in the form if you are a relative and would like to meet someone in the same situation

If you have any questions, call Momentum on tel. 40 00 43 60, or send an e-mail to

Momentum has like-minded people spread all over Norway.

Do you want to meet a like-minded person?

Fill in the form on the right and we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

Please include a telephone number and information about where you would like the meeting to take place.