Activity joy without pain and ailments

Activity joy without pain and ailments

In order to be as active as possible in the summer, it is crucial to have a well-adapted prosthesis.

If you want to perform more activities this summer, the right care and a well-adapted prosthesis are crucial.

If you experience pain when using a prosthesis, do not hesitate to contact your orthopedic engineer.

We at Momentum also have peers who advise you on the correct care and use of prostheses and aids, or everyday and practical things that help you get active.

Peer offers

Whether you are a relative or amputated, it is good to air your concerns and get answers to what you are wondering from experienced prosthesis users.

Read more about our peer offer; Meet a peer – Momentum .

Hygiene and care

On our Youtube channel, you get tips and advice on hygiene and care of prostheses, which is absolutely crucial to be able to live a pain-free and active life with prostheses.

Watch the videos here;

Momentum Association for Arm and Leg Prosthesis Users – YouTube