Need someone to talk to?

Need someone to talk to?

Momentum has peers spread all over the country who want to share experiences, tips and advice on everything from prosthesis use and activity aids, hygiene and self-care, to your rights as an amputee.

Our peers are people who have been amputated themselves either as a result of an accident, illness or other causes, or who were born without arms / legs.

Our peers can

  • Meet you at the hospital
  • Come home to you
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Meet you with your relatives
  • Talk to you on the phone, facetime or other social media.

For more information:

Meet a peer – Momentum

Shares their experiences

Momentum has interviewed several of our peers who tell about their experiences as amputated and prosthetic users.

You can also read about why they think working as a peer is so valuable.

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Hygiene and care

On our Youtube channel, you get tips and advice on hygiene and care of prostheses, which is absolutely crucial to be able to live a pain-free and active life with prostheses.

Watch the videos here;

Momentum Association for Arm and Leg Prosthesis Users – YouTube