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25 years in 2021

To you who are amputated

Are you recently amputated or a relative of someone who is?

Meet a peer

Being able to talk to someone who has experienced the same thing as you is often the best help. Our peers can meet you where you are.


As an amputated and / or prosthetic user, you have rights and opportunities to get treatment and support to function optimally in everyday life.

Resource catalog

Information about rehabilitation centers and orthopedic workshops, equipment and other resources

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Ekstra aktivitetsfylt nummer av Livsglede

Ekstra aktivitetsfylt nummer av Livsglede

I den nyeste utgaven av Livsglede kan du blant annet lese reportasjer fra Momentum sin jubileumsweekend og den inspirerende og trivelige turen fra Tour de Dovre. Reportasjer med Sander Hegni og Gitte Flindt Hilding, vil forhåpentligvis gi deg litt ekstra motivasjon til mer aktivitet i hverdagen i den nærmeste tiden. 

Vi håper du nyter høstdagene med neste utgave av Livsglede.



Exercise is very important for you who are amputated.

Training tips

Local work

Momentum works locally throughout the country through peer work and in local teams that offer social events and activities.

National work

Nationally, Momentum works on social policy work, development of information materials, courses and coordination of projects.


International work


Norway is a small country and much of the development in prosthesis technology, sleeve technology, surgery and much more takes place abroad. Momentum therefore participates in important arenas internationally.

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