Looking for participants for a study on the treatment of amputation pain

The Department of Pain Management at Oslo University Hospital is looking for participants in a study with the aim of investigating the mechanisms underlying post-amputation pain with the use of spinal anesthesia.

The study will also investigate treatment with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
(rTMS) of the brain can reduce these post-amputation pains. rTMS stimulation is administered from the outside of the head.

Who can participate?

• Age: 18 – 80 years
• People with buttock pain and / or phantom
pain after amputation of one or both legs
Persistent pain for at least 3 months
Normal pain intensity ≥ 4/10 last 24 hours
• Stable medical treatment for pain

Read more about the study on Oslo University Hospital’s website; Magnetic brain stimulation for pain after leg amputation – Oslo University Hospital (oslo-universitetssykehus.no


For more information, contact Chief Physician and Head of Department Audun Stubhaug, Chief Physician Per Hansson, or PhD Fellow Nadine Farnes at
Department of Pain Management.

Phone 47 23 02 61 61
e-mail: nafarn@ous-hf.no