What rights do you have as an amputee?

Amputation can affect the finances of both you who are amputated and the whole family. It is important to acquire good advisers and the best possible knowledge.

You have several rights and opportunities that it is important to know about. What you and your loved ones need will naturally vary with regard to your circumstances.

There is often help available, but it is useful to be aware of their rights both financially and others. Some expenses are covered by the National Insurance benefit schemes (NAV), while other benefits are means-tested.

Rights laws

Some of the most important laws one is covered by as a patient and user are The Patient and User Rights Act. This gives the right to:

If you think one of your rights has been violated, you can contact the patient and user ombudsman in your health region help and guidance, possibly a complaint to those who have made a decision and / or the county governor, cf. § 7-2 . On the county governor’s website they have also posted good information on how to proceed to complain.

If you want to exercise the right to free choice of treatment, it can often make sense to contact the institution directly for further guidance and the process further for treatment and stay. It can also be useful to see other relevant rights described on HelseNorge.no .

Useful websites


Change your appointed physician. core medical records, patient travel, prescriptions, treatment sites, patient travel, exemption cards and deductibles, European social security card, vaccines.

Disabled People’s Joint Organization (FFO)

FFO’s overriding goals are societal equality and participation for the disabled. They want to make the everyday lives of the disabled and chronically ill better. The goal of the FFO collaboration is to promote joint political action so that together we are stronger in our wishes and demands in meeting those who make decisions.

Treatment and rehabilitation

If you are unsure where it is possible to get treatment and rehabilitation, it can be a good start and apply HelseNorge’s websites (search for example “Rehabilitation: Amputations of upper extremities”). Another tip is to share experiences with others via ours Facebook group or at one of our events.

Basic benefit

You are entitled to basic benefits to cover extra costs for transport and clothing.

Read more about the right to basic benefit on nav.no.

Activity aids

Regardless of age, you can apply for activity aids. If you are over 26 years old, the deductible is 10% of the purchase price, limited upwards to NOK 4,000.

The criteria for aids for people over 26 years are:

  • That the user must have a significant and permanent disability.
  • That the aid should enable the user to participate in physical activity.
  • That the product is not available in ordinary trade and is specially made for people with disabilities. If adaptations are necessary for a product that is available in ordinary trade to be able to be used, support for adaptation can be applied for.

No support is given for aids that are to be used in a time-limited rehabilitation / habilitation process / treatment. For people who cannot use ordinary activity aids, aids that are specially developed for activating the musculoskeletal system can be given.

Read more about the scheme at nav.no .

Car, home and more

You can also apply for benefits car , housing facilitation and more.

There are different schemes and different rates depending on the need. Benefits for cars and housing are means-tested schemes.

You can apply for rehabilitation stays, work clearance allowance, disability benefits, benefits for various aids depending on what you need.

This applies to different rates and what benefits you can receive and which rate depends on your needs and how well-founded your application is. Benefits for cars and housing are means-tested support schemes.

If you need financial help to be able to overcome or adapt to a difficult life situation, you can apply for this from the municipality, cf. Social Services Act § 19 . This applies, for example, to travel expenses for the disabled.



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