Momentum is an independent interest organization for amputees, dysmelists and orthosis users

Momentum’s vision is to spread the joy of life through information and fun. We work to ensure that prosthesis users *, despite their loss, regain the joy of life and are able to look ahead.

MOMENTUM is an independent and independent interest association for amputees, dysmelists and orthosis users, relatives and anyone interested in the rehabilitation of amputees, including prosthetic, physical and medical professionals, orthopedic workshops, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and suppliers. Everyone is welcome as a member to promote issues of common interest.

Everything we do is basically peer help – by exchanging experiences with each other we can move boundaries.

Momentum was established in 1996, and as of 31.12.2022 approx. 800 members and is connected to FFO (Funkjonshemmedes Fellesorganisation).

* When we have implemented the term «prosthesis user» in the singular and plural, this is to simplify the language and to point out the possibilities rather than to emphasize what has been lost. This means that we in the «prosthesis user» include arm and leg amputations regardless of the cause of the amputation and people with dysmeli, regardless of whether one uses a prosthesis or not.

It is entirely possible to live a rich and meaningful life as a prosthesis user. But it requires willpower, training and good prostheses!

Overall, we have considerable experience as prosthesis users and are fully “up-and-coming”. We go through the defeats and victories life itself gives everyone – with or without defects.

Through Momentum, you meet others with whom you can exchange experiences, either as a prosthesis user, relative or professional.

Through this forum you can discuss amputation surgery, phantom pain, adaptation of prosthesis, leisure activities, car, social security rights and you can get an outlet for your frustrations, sorrows, joys, personal or professional advances, – in short – everything that makes life challenging, exciting and worthwhile to live. In this way, we want to inspire, motivate and inform each other.

Momentum’s tasks and work

Momentum is involved in various ways and areas and in many channels

Some of the main focus areas are:

  1. Peer work
  2. Events and membership work
  3. Social work and politics
  4. Information work

Engage yourself

Contribute to Momentum’s work

Momentum needs more active members who will contribute to the association’s work or contribute with donations and financial assistance

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